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Gameplay and World Building

Adding Gameplay Value[]

WA & Tombs[]

The Sims 3: World Adventures has given players the ability to create tombs, small puzzles. Adding hidden tombs to a world is a great way to give players a treat for fully investigating. Has a creator built a big, urban jungle? Have they considered what the sewer system might be like? Why not place a dive well in a park somewhere in a corner of your world that leads to an extensive sewer-themed series of tombs. Remember that dive wells can link from one lot to another by setting them as "Uber Dive Well" and naming another well off-lot as the destination. Tombs, provided they fit a world's theme, are always a great addition for one-off gameplay challenges. These tombs should be optional, though, not some ordeal that players have to go through to get hold of a rare spawner item. Creators should remember that most Sims players are casual gamers, they don't all want puzzles.

If you're finding it difficult to build atmosphere-appropriate tombs for your worlds, the different pushable objects created by Alopex might help you integrate a puzzle into your neighborhood.

LN & Drinking Venues[]

Worlds Designed for Challenges[]