Create A World Wiki

So Pasimfic Wiki is chugging along quite nicely today, with lots of new pages and new categories solidifying. The modus operandi is still cloudy - whether this will be a wiki for my worlds specifically, or for a wider range of world builders - but I'm pleased to have it up and running. The basic idea is build up a solid infrastructure for recording properties of a world, especially around the lore and stories associated with a world. We'll see how this goes, everything is currently in the early stages. The focus for now is entirely on getting the Riverblossom Hills portion of the wiki up and complete, and then I'll work retrospectively on Niua Simoa. I'll also get the first previews up of my next project: Port Piston

I also want to build up a collection of CAW tutorials, tips and tricks here. So that's something for the future as well, and definitely an area that others are welcome to contribute with.

Signing off for now,