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Winter Wonderland

An overview of Winter Wonderland by Rflong7 and co.



In many cases world builders are similar to directors, they create the bones of a project and work together with their crew - testers and/or other builders - to flesh out something really beautiful. Rflong7 and the many other creators on the official Create-a-World forums are like this, they work together and there is a strong sense of community. Brilliant creations come out of it, like Winter Wonderland.

With Winter Wonderland Rflong7 has managed to bring a convincing cold climate world to The Sims 3 before even EA. The world weighs in at 74.7MB which is pretty modest for a world. The detailed customisation is extremely impressive, with the Egypt distant terrain recoloured as a snowy hillscape. There are 75 lots in total, so let me run through a few of my favourites.

Features Showcase


Terrain - 10/10

The terrains are simply up there with professional Sims 3 worlds. To die for.

Lots - 10/10

A collective of very talented builders have clearly worked hard to cater to the theme. A huge success.

Sims - N/A

There is a save file with Sims available but I haven't test it out at the time of this review. :)

Playability - 10/10

This world played flawlessly, with no sign of misplaced or dysfunctional objects.

Flavour Texts - 5/10

These were a bit inconsistent and contained lots of typos, but they did give most of the important information most of the time, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This part of the world could have benefited from consistent formatting and some editing, but in such a perfect world this is really just a nitpick.


Winter Wonderland on the official Sims 3 Forums.