Los Aniegos


A partial overview of Los Aniegos by Coasterboi.


  • 108.23mb
  • 164 lots
  • Pre-populated with 125 Sims.
  • For: WA/Amb/LN


Los Aniegos is by far the most detailed, complete, and technically impressive world for The Sims 3 that I've seen to date. It is huge, with lots of different boroughs, and it features 125 premade Sims. It was clearly an enormous amount of work for its creator Coasterboi, who only began the world in September 2010! The short creation time might go some way to explaining the lack of flavour texts throughout the world, but they are really the only thing lacking if you have a high end machine and want to play an amazing world. If you don't have a great computer you may be able to run this world with lowered settings, it's definitely worth downloading and trying.

Among the most impressive of Coasterboi's achievements are the carefully sculpted, winding roads. The texture selection is realistic and beautiful, and combines well with weather effects like fog. I particularly liked the way the sun in Los Aniegos is realistically small, as opposed to the huge platters in the sky of some worlds (including, admittedly, some of my own). The Sims are all well done, but they lack the meaningful attachment that flavour texts can bring. Who are these people? Sure, I can give them my own stories, but I quite like jumping into a world that is pre-existing, and that's not what this felt like. It's like they're just there to provide plentiful non-EA genetics, rather than to be their own characters.

Still, the world is a masterpiece. On to the screenshots:

Features Showcase


Terrain - 10/10

Brilliant terrains, both fantastic painting and some extremely impressive sculpting. This world is beautiful.

Lots - 10/10

The amount of time Coasterboi must have taken building these wonderful urban lots boggles the mind.

Sims - 6/10

The Sims are made well, not pudding-faced, and have some great names (like celebrity D. Piddy). Unfortunately they all lack flavour texts, which is a great shame. Each of these Sims deserves a story or introduction.

Playability - 8/10

This world played well provided high detailed lots was set to 1. Otherwise I tended to wait around for textures to load. It is extremely detailed and not remotely optimised for lower end machines. Only Simmers with computers on the higher end of the spectrum will be able to enjoy this world.

Flavour Texts - 3/10

There was no text for the world itself, and only community lots had descriptions. The community lot descriptions are witty and well written, which makes the lack of description texts for families, residential lots and Sims a mystery. This was, to be honest, the biggest let down in an otherwise perfect world.


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