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SimGurus Tease A New Store World

Recently The Sims 3 Store released a new DLC venue, The Lucky Simoleon, which went so far as to introduce a whole new Gambling skill. Unfortunately, this seems to be the direction the game is going, slicing up the game so that sharing is increasingly challenging due to the enormous expense of owning a similar configuration of DLC as someone else. That aside, the screenshot for this venue featured an oddly orange-looking world.


SimGurus have confirmed on Facebook that the world is not Lunar Lakes, and an official announcement is expected Monday US-time for a new store world.

There are already some clues floating around as to what it might be, including survey descriptions of potential worlds EA might like to build.

Gothic Forest - Overgrown paths wind through a dark forest leading to secluded cabins where ghosts care for the children of the living, and Sim-crafted gargoyles keep the shadows at bay.

Venice of the South - Explore the paths that meander alongside ancient causeways, discover secret passageways beneath luxurious mansions, or hide your face behind a masque and become another person for a day, a night, or a lifetime...

Dragon Valley - In an isolated kingdom hatch a variety of multi-colored dragons each with unique abilities that can enhance your Sims' everyday lives.

Alpine Meadow - Settle down and raise a family in a quaint mountain village where you can work with wood to craft furniture for your home and toys for your children.

Deep Jungle - Deep in the heart of the jungle collect rare beetles and butterflues, discover ancient ruins, or enjoy the scenery from above in a hot air balloon!

Wild West - Journey to a small town at the heart of the American West and explore the remains of an old ghost town, hunt for treasure at an abandoned mine, or enjoy a movie at an outdoor amphitheater.

If the world is based on any of these, and it may not be, then the wild west one seems most likely given the orange, sandy terrain. It could also, given the casino rabbit hole, be a Los Vegas-inspired world. Some users have found image text on the official site suggesting the world may be called "Lucky Palms", however this could also just be an old working title for the Lucky Simoleon venue. It should only be hours before we know, and we'll have news up when it breaks.

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