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A lot of users started reporting some odd behaviour in CAW following the Supernatural update - more save errors, EIG crashing, etc. As the game has gone through updates, and store content collections have grown (increasing the amount of info the application loads), CAW has become noticeably less stable - and it wasn't particularly stable to begin with. The Seasons update has expanded these problems to the point of breaking CAW entirely. If you are coming here looking for information about the latest problems your best bet is to head to this thread on the official forums: Save Issues with Supernatural and Seasons CAW: Discussion and research thread.

Symptoms include

  • Specific world files (that worked on previous CAW versions) no longer open.
  • Specific world files (that worked on previous CAW versions) open but crash EIG mode.
  • World saves successfully in CAW but with error messages claiming some lots are set as read-only. Tells users to make these lots writable.
  • World saves successfully in EIG but deletes lots. Lots may or may not appear in CAW despite being deleted, perhaps due to caching, but are gone in EIG. Seems to affect all world files.
  • Exported worlds do not install. The launcher says they have installed, but they do not appear in the InstalledWorlds folder.

Rest assured that the developers are aware of the issues, and they've already released a hotfix that has addressed the problem with lots disappeared in Edit In Game mode, but a swath of serious issues persist and it's probably best to set aside any CAW work until we can confirm that the application isn't seriously damaging our world files.