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terrainsculpt.ini is a technical file located in the directory:

Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims Create A World Tool>UserToolData>TerrainSculptBrushes


terrainsculpt.ini allows users to define a custom brush for sculpting terrain in CAW. To function it must be accompanied by monochrome 8-bit TGA files in the same directory.


Terrain Edit Parameters
Brush Profiles
For each brush, add a section whose name begins with "Brush_".
ID - a unique ID for the brush
WiggleAngle - Maximum angle (in degrees) by which the brush wiggles at each step as it is dragged. Set this to 0 for no wiggle
ComponentCount - Number of components the brush has.
For each component, the following parameters can be specified. Use the prefix Compi_, for "i" th component
Operation ID for component. 0 - RaiseLower, 1 - Smoothen, 2 - Level, 3 - Flatten
Name of the profile texture for the component
The texture value to be taken as "base". Use of this value is dependent on the operation.
When the opeation is "RaiseLower", a texture value higher than the base value causes the
terrain to be raised and a texture value lower than the base value causes lowering.
Specifies whether or not the profile texture should be aligned with the direction of
of movement of the mouse. 0 for false, 1 for true.
Width of the area over which the brush gets applied at each step.
Strength of the brush


Name = Mountain
WiggleAngle = 0
ComponentCount = 2

First component (Mountain base)

Comp1_Op = 0
Comp1_Texture = MountainBaseBrush.tga
Comp1_BaseTextureValue = 0
Comp1_AlignWithMoveDirection = 0
Comp1_Strength = 0.01
Comp1_Width = 1.0

Second component (Mountain ridge)

Comp2_Op = 0
Comp2_Texture = MountainRidgeBrush.tga
Comp2_BaseTextureValue = 0
Comp2_AlignWithMoveDirection = 1
Comp2_Strength = 0.01
Comp2_Width = 1.0