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Members Gilda Switt, Vincent Windsor, Theia Switt
Family Connections Goth (Wraith), Caireen (Wraith), Malcolm Wadsworth

Player stories

The Switt Family is a reoccurring family from Quailhogs' worlds, who were first present in Fortress Rock, and its rework, the Stoneshields. Gilda Switt is an ancestor of the original Switt family. She and her deceased husband, Lucas, moved from New York and founded the City of Wraith. Having been born some time in the 19th Century, the remainder of Gilda's immediate family died, thus she has no neighboring relatives. Gilda lives in the Golden Chapel at 63 White Sands Road with her butler, Vincent Windsor, and her cat, Theia Switt. They have §50,000 in family funds.


Gilda Switt was the widow of Lucas Switt, a robber baron who founded Wraith as a humble mining town.  After Lucas died, his massive fortune went to Gilda and their six children.  Gilda invested most of her fortune in mining, which had proven successful.   At the age of 40, Gilda had a noticeably sallow complexion and was informed that she was dying of liver failure.  Gilda had been frugal with her massive fortune, but rather than dividing it amongst her children, she decided to give her money to God.  To secure her place in the afterlife, Gilda commissioned a chapel of gold to be constructed, acquiring labor at almost no expense through ruthless means.   Gilda was appalled to discover the laborers attempting to build a chapel out of pure Sulphur within one of New Mexico’s caverns, for which she screamed at the workers so loudly that the cave collapsed.  Ironically, Gilda was never really dying, but slowly transforming into a statue of Sulphur as punishment for her sins.


Gilda- Derived from Old English, meaning "golden," reflecting her physical appearance and materialistic tendencies. May also mean "sacrifice" or "tribute," which references how Gilda sacrificed her entire fortune to construct a church.

Vincent- Derived from the Roman name Vincentius, which means "to conquer." This is ironic, considering how Vincent has spent his life in servitude as a butler.

Switt- A surname which has its origins in the United Kingdom.

Windsor- The royal house of the United Kingdom.

Theia- Means "goddess," the name for the Greek titan goddess of sight and shining light.