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Stella Roth
Making new friends comes pretty easy to Stella, but only when there are interesting people around. This town seems so much smaller to her than where she grew up.
Name Stella Roth
Lives With Morty Roth
Sandra Roth
Xander Roth
Family Roth
Occult None
Age Adult
Traits Hates the Outdoors, Vegetarian, Virtuoso, Artistic, Grumpy
Lifetime Wish Hit Movie Composer
Favourites Indie, Stir-Fry, Red
Zodiac Gemini
Appearance The Sims 3 + WA, Amb, LN

Player stories

Stella Roth is a remake of the original character in the The Sims 2: Seasons.

She is the wife of Morty and mother of Sandra and Xander. Her family recently immigrated to Riverblossom Hills and they are recent arrivals back in Morty's hometown of Riverblossom Hills. Stella loves city life and is struggling to adapt to the slower pace of this town.