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  • Go to Sunshine and soothing massage in a Polynesian paradise.
  • Lucky PalmsGo to A sandy, sunny retreat from EA.
  • Crystalline CoveGo to the sparkling bright waters and rising pines of Crystalline Cove.
  • Lunar LakesGo to EA's best store world to date, super outlandish and fun.
  • BridgeportGo to a stunning EA classic marred by terrible technical issues.
  • JerichoGo to a brooding town with a great paint job - Jericho!
  • Appaloosa PlainsGo to A standout effort by EA for The Sims 3 Pets!
  • Hidden SpringsGo to Not your money's worth at TS3 Store.
  • Los AniegosGo to A technical feat, if your computer can take it.
  • Winter WonderlandGo to Seasonal charm all year round!

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