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Rabbitholes each have a set minimum footprint, and lots need to have a flat space at least this size to accommodate them. Thanks goes to Gurra for the contents of this list up to Late Night. This list can be sorted alphabetically, by type of rabbithole, by size, or by expansion/store set required.

Commonwealth Court Appaloosa Plains Civic Center
Rabbit Hole Type Size Expansion/Set
City Hall City Hall 49x21 Base
Riverview City Hall City Hall 31x21 Riverview
Twinbrook City Hall City Hall 49x21 Ambitions
Public Services Office City Hall/Military/Police 48x21 Late Night
Community School for the Gifted School 36x18 Base
Truelong Community School School 36x18 Riverview
Stary Community School School 31x23 Ambitions
Public School 67 School 40x18 Late Night
Divisadero Budget Books Bookstore 10x14 Base
Always Studious Bookstore Bookstore 10x14 Ambitions
Wilki's Fabulous Books and Bath Bookstore/Spa 29x29 Late Night
Doo Peas Corporate Towers Business 21x21 Base
Doo Peas Corporate Towers Business 21x21 Riverview
High Products Business Building Business 21x21 Ambitions
Steve's Business Complex and Restaurant Business/Bistro 21x21 Late Night
EverFresh Delights Supermarket Supermarket 13x16 Base
Grocery Grab Supermarket Supermarket 13x16 Ambitions
Mike's Cornerstore Supermarket 12x16 Late Night
Fort Gnome Military Base Military 39x39 Base
Fort Salas Military Base Military 39x39 Riverview
Sims in Arms Military Base Military 39x39 Ambitions
Hogan's Deep Fried Diner Diner 17x10 Base
Hogan's Deep Sea Diner Diner 27x09 Barnacle Bay
Brunton's Boxcar Diner Diner 10x07 Ambitions
Landgraab Industries Science Facility Science 35x20 Base
Soil and Water Research Facility Science 35x20 Riverview
Science Lab Science 35x20 Ambitions
Landgraab Marine Science Facility Science 35x20 Late Night
Little Corsican Bistro Bistro 14x13 Base
Llama Memorial Stadium Stadium 50x32 Base
Bachelor Stadium Stadium 50x32 Ambitions
LlamaCo Stadium Stadium 55x47 Late Night
Dr. Pepper Stadium Stadium 50x32 EA/Dr Pepper Promotion
Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp. Criminal 21x21 Base
East Tradewinds Shipping Co. Criminal 25x21 Late Night
Llama Corp. Shipping Co. Criminal 25x21 Ambitions
Police Department Police 19x19 Base
Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital Hospital 34x26 Base
County Care General Hospital Hospital 34x26 Riverview
Twinbrook Foundation Hospital Hospital 34x24 Ambitions
Sharma Day Spa Spa 13x12 Base
Sunflower Spa Spa 13x12 Riverview
Specter Family Mausoleum Mausoleum 07x10 Base
Chinese Mausoleum Mausoleum 07x10 World Adventures
Egyptian Mausoleum Mausoleum 07x10 World Adventures
Jolina Family Mausoleum Mausoleum 06x09 Ambitions
Wilsonoff Community Theatre Theatre 17x25 Base
Movie Cineplex Theatre 35x37 Late Night
Metropolis Movie Theater Theatre ?? EA/Dr Pepper Promotion
Plumbob Pictures Backlot Film Studios 35x30 Late Night
Subway Station Subway 04x07 Late Night
Scrumptious Nibbles Cafe Bistro 14x14 Outdoor Living Stuff
Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer Supermarket 12x16 Outdoor Living Stuff
Par Excellence Preparatory School School 24x33 Outdoor Living Stuff
25 Frames Cinema Theatre 30x36 University Life
Petite Pony Equestrian Center Equestrian Center 36x36 Pets
Fae Ray Arboretum Fairy Garden 07x08 Supernatural
Gypsy Wagon Gypsy Wagon 04x09 Supernatural
Vault of Antiquity Vault 06x10 Supernatural
St. John Administration Center Administration 40x36 University Life
Schmidt Memorial Stadium & Annex Stadium/Annex 54x38 University Life
Walls Book 'n Bath LLC Bookstore/Spa 17x17 Pets
Costa Verde Corp. & Alyssa's Bookstore Business/Bookstore 19x17 Island Paradise
Van Gould Merchant House & Cafe Business/Restaurant 21x17 Supernatural
Civic Center City Hall/Military/Police 34x22 Island Paradise
Thomas School of Art College (Art) 28x26 University Life
Nichols School of Business College (Business) 36x42 University Life
Busche School of Science College (Science) 50x22 University Life
Deja View Theater Criminal/Theater 17x27 Supernatural
Rustler's Den Criminal 12x17 Pets
Sam's Market Diner Diner/Grocery 23x12 Supernatural
Night Owl Foods Grocery 12x12 University Life
Bloom Institute of Wellness Hospital/Science 26x22 Supernatural
Trade Winds Spa and Bistro Bistro/Spa 31x23 Island Paradise
Crestview School and Stadium School/Stadium 57x32 Pets


City Hall/Military/Police

City Hall/Military/Police




Island Paradise



Smuggler's Lair Criminal 20x18 Island Paradise
Blue Sky Movie Theatre Theatre 21x26 Island Paradise
Accolades Institute and Stadium Stadium/School 59x33 Island Paradise
El Hospital Hospital 34x33 Island Paradise
Cruzitas Grocer and Diner Grocer/Diner 19x19 Island Paradise
Island Mausoleum Mausoleum 6x9 Island Paradise
Broad Street Business Tower & Grill Business/Diner 37x21 Showtime
Butterfield Family Mausoleum Mausoleum 8x9 Pets
C-Ment Shoe Factory Criminal 47x39 Showtime
City Government Complex City Hall/Military/Police 48x31 Showtime
Coasta Verde Corp. & Alyssa's Bookstore Bookstore/Business 17x16 Island Paradise
Flying V's Coffeehouse Coffeehouse/Diner 17x15 Showtime
Gooder Public School School 46x32 Showtime
HoloVenture Theater Holotheater 56x62 Into The Future
Holy Cow Memorial Hospital Hospital/Science 41x26 Showtime
Hueber Associates & Kim Gould's Steakhouse Business/Diner 31x27 Pets
JRA International Equestrian Center Equestrian Center 33x52 Pets
Jimmy Lemmon Memorial Mausoleum Mausoleum 13x15 Showtime
Mercury Stellar Observatory Observatory 42x42 Into The Future
Mind-Body Connection Bookstore & Spa Bookstore/Spa 22x16 Supernatural
Modern Arcology Bot Arena Bot Arena 42x56 Into The Future
Nautilus Laboratories Science 35x19 Island Paradise
Oasis Landing City Hall City Hall 32x35 Into The Future
Oasis Landing Community Hospital & Science Center Hospital/Science 47x17 Into The Future
Pleasant Meadows Mausoleum Mausoleum 9x9 Into The Future
Serenity Bookstore and Spa Bookstore/Spa 23x13 Showtime
Tammy's Spa & Books Bookstore/Spa 50x34 Into The Future
The Market Basket Grocery 28x20 Island Paradise
The Utopian Diner 52x46 Into The Future

NOTE: Using the cheat "moveObjects on" can allow rabbit holes to extend beyond the lot boundaries, which can be helpful if your world has limited/smaller lots. For example, you might place the Public Services Office, which is quite large, overlapping a smaller nearby lot that can extend the landscaping of the Public Services Office. If there's any additional space, parking lots and plazas are good fillers.