Quay Beach is an upmarket area in Riverblossom Hills, home to the Roth family.

Quay Beach was originally a quarry the hillside, but eventually the digging expanded onto the coastline. For a long time, the area was industrial, filled with mining equipment. Back then it was known to locals as the 'Quarry Beach'. When the SimNation economy crashed, the mining and manufacturing industries in Riverblossom Hills closed down, leaving the quarry to grow over with vegetation. The Roths bought the land around the quarry and, as the economy recovered, built a beach resort for themselves out their fortune, a fortune that had go on undented by the recession. Sara and Cassidy Roth renamed the area to Quay Beach when they inherited it. Recently Morty Roth has moved his young family back to the estate, and the developments at Quay Beach may start up once again.

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