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The Vamp family
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Riverblossom Hills

Principle Vamp
Principle Vamp is Edouard's brother and he shares the familial sickly paleness. He grew to become first an accountant, then a bookstore owner. Now retired, he suffers from dementia and now rests in the unreliable care of the other Vamps.
Name Principle Vamp
Lives With Edouard Vamp, Edouard Jnr Vamp, Edwina Vamp, Constance Vamp, Max Vamp
Family Vamp
Occult Vampire
Age Elder
Traits Absent-Minded, Insane, Bookworm, Childish, Frugal
Lifetime Wish Jack of All Trades
Favourites Classic, O Positive, Grey
Zodiac Aquarius
Appearance The Sims 3 + WA, Amb, LN

Player stories

Principle Vamp is an original character in Kiwi_tea's remake of Riverblossom Hills.

Principle lives in Vamp Manor with his brother Edouard's family. Principle starts the game with very high Writing and Logic skills.