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Leo de Luca
Leo is your all around kind of guy. He is handy with tools, one hell of a fisherman, number one dad and an outdoors man. Even though he is sort of grumpy, he still has a warm side of him deep down especially towards his wife, and family.
Name Leo de Luca
Lives With Camilla de Luca, Lucio de Luca, Bellina de Luca
Family de Luca
Occult None
Traits Angler, Brave, Grumpy, Handy, Loves the Outdoors
Lifetime Wish Become an Astronaut
Favourites Latin, Hamburger, Turquoise
Neighbourhood Porto Corrado

Player stories

Leo de Luca is a premade Sim who lives in Porto Corrado. He lives with his wife Camilla and their children Bellina and Lucio.