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The World Layers window.

The World Layers window helps creators to group objects together for maximum efficiency. This window is pinned on the left of the main screen by default.


The primary layer is the World Layer, which carries the name that a creator gives to the world in the World Description window. World Description settings can be accessed by right clicking the World Layer and selecting "Add/Edit Description". The World Layer acts as an umbrella for all other layers in a creator's world.

All the objects and effects that a creator places will be categorised into the active layer. A layer can be activated by right clicking and selecting "Make Active Layer". It is best to place the same an object in the same layer as others of its kind - eg, have one layer for trees, and another for spawners, etc.

Creators can move objects between layers by drag and drop, or by right clicking an object's name within its layer and selecting "Move to another layer". Objects can only be moved one by one no matter how many are selected.

Using layers in CAW: I’ve never tested whether trees will group across layers. I do know for sure that they group per chunk. I’ve never seen any benefit to creating layers per chunk. Since there is no advantage, really, it makes more sense to put things on layers according to one’s own organizational preferences. They are merely a tool to help with organization and have nothing to do with performance.
— Rebecca, Sims 3 World Building Team, (source)