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Landgraab XLII
Name Landgraab XLII

Player stories

Landgraab XLII is an off world sim colony on a small moon orbiting a gas giant known as Landgraab. It was founded by a legendary astronaut, Rex Landgraab, and his group of highly trained Cosmic Explorers.






The history of Landgraab XLII begins when a young astronaut known as Rex Landgraab decided to explore space with a specialized team of Cosmic Explorers. Their mission was meant to locate stars that resembled the one in their own galaxy, but when they discovered and investigated one further, they got alot more than they bargained for. Orbiting a large blue gas giant Rex called Landgraab after himself, were 88 moons. It's 42nd moon showed great interest to the explorers, as it had a familiar atmospheric makeup like the one back home.

After a little terraforming, Landgraab XLII quickly became a bustling spaceport because of its high deposits of Tiberium, but after they depleted the planets reserves of the substance, they turned the moon into an off world colony and set up a small city on it. Soon enough, word spread home and many curious sims moved to the New World.

But peace was not to last... On a dark and stormy night, an unidentified flying object slammed into the New Pasimfic Ocean just to the east of the island. Curious, the explorers did what they do best, and discovered a spaceship. Inside were green-skinned, large eyed, small eared, flat-nosed aliens. Their leader, the Birth Queen, explained that they had been attacked by a race of aliens described as "adorable looking teddy bears with cybernetic implants". They were forced to crash land on the moon because of the seriousness of the damages.

Ever wary of the aliens, the self proclaimed Grand Astronaut Rex Landgraab, granted the aliens asylum but with one condition, they stay away from the affairs of Sims. How long will the Peace Treaty last?


Landgraab XLII is led by a Grand Astronaut. The Grand Astronaut holds complete control over the entire Colony, which isn't that much. The title is hereditary and can be likened to a monarchy.

The Aliens are led by a Birth Queen. The Birth Queen spends most of her life giving birth, much like terrestrial insects. This causes a problem as the Birth Queen's need mates and seeing as theirs only one Birth Queen and four Pollination Technitians, how long will it last before they have to mate with the sims in town?