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James III Campbell
All his life, James has heard stories about a woman of unimaginable beauty that his grandfather had fallen head over heels for. Apparently she disappeared without a trace without a trace. Since James' grandfather and father died, he has had to become more responsible. Now it is his turn to find true love. Being the ambitious romantic he is, he has set search across the seas to find a descendant of this legendary beauty. But nothing has ever gone smoothly for James, who has unfortunate traits, and it's very likely that he will mess things up in the end.
Name James III Campbell
Lives With None
Family Campbell
Occult None
Age Young Adult
Traits Unlucky, Loser, Artistic, Ambitious, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish Illustrious Author
Favourites Classical, Stu Surprise, White
Neighbourhood Porto Corrado

Player stories

James III Campbell is a premade Sim in the ModtheSims collaborative world Porto Corrado.