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The Goolsby / Frost family
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Ghoul Quarters · Rivers Curve

Riverblossom Hills

Jack Frost
Jack is a successful politician, but he does come across a bit cold as times.
Name CelebStatusJack Frost
Lives With Freya Frost
Family Frost
Occult None
Age Elder
Traits No Sense of Humour, Hates the Outdoors, Family-Oriented, Charismatic, Snob
Lifetime Wish Super Popular
Favourites Classical, Lobster Thermidor, Sea Foam
Zodiac Scorpio
Neighbourhood Riverblossom Hills
Appearance The Sims 3 + WA, Amb, LN

Player stories

Jack Frost is an original character in Kiwi_tea's remake of Riverblossom Hills. He lives with his wife Freya in the Rivers Curve at the address 1 Rivers Curve.

Jack and Freya's daughter Ilsabeth Goolsby is mad, and can be seen around town.