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The Goolsby / Frost family
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Ghoul Quarters · Rivers Curve

Riverblossom Hills

Ilsabeth Goolsby
Ilsabeth was a settled, secure woman with a good job, but constant exposure to ghosts and ghouls left her mad. She is now convinced she is a time-travelling princess from the dark ages.
Name Ilsabeth Goolsby
Lives With Colin Goolsby, Gertrude Goolsby, Gert Goolsby
Family Goolsby
Occult None
Age Adult
Traits Insane, Inappropriate
Lifetime Wish Renaissance Sim
Favourites Kids, Fruit Parfait, Pink
Zodiac Libra
Neighbourhood Riverblossom Hills
Appearance The Sims 3 + WA, Amb, LN

Player stories

Ilsabeth Goolsby is an original character in Kiwi_tea's remake of Riverblossom Hills. She has gone mad, probably due to constant exposure to evil spirits that her husband Colin brings home. Meanwhile, grown up Gert has travelled back from the future to help Colin raise her baby self, Gertrude. Maybe that way things will turn out better for her, Gert was saddled with some unpleasant traits. The family live together in Ghoul Quarters on Rivers Curve, next door to the junkyard Hills Discards.

Ilsabeth's parents are the influential Freya and Jack Frost who live at the other end of Rivers Curve in the affluent district of Winterton.

Unlike most adult Sims, Ilsabeth only has two traits due to her madness. She is a Libra, like her husband Colin. When Ilsabeth begins the game, she is carrying a frightened spirit named Ilsabeth in her inventory, suggesting that she may actually be possessed, not just mad, although it is not clear.