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The Greenman / O'Mackey family
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Rose Greenman · Jason Greenman · Daisy Greenman · Gabe O'Mackey · Jules O'Mackey · Alexandra O'Mackey

Queen Green · Princess Peach · The Headmistress

Riverblossom Hills

The Greenmans and O'Mackeys
Members Jason Greenman, Rose Greenman, Daisy Greenman, Gabe O'Mackey, Jules O'Mackey, Alexandra O'Mackey
Family Connections Wan, Dove
Appearance The Sims 3 + WA, Amb & LN

Player stories

The Greenman and O'Mackey families are fan-made recreations of the original The Sims 2: Seasons characters in kiwi_tea's remake of Riverblossom Hills.

The family is split into three households, living in Queen Green, The Headmistress and Princess Peach.


Queen Green

Description: Jason gave up his name and changed his lifestyle for the love of his green-skinned goddess. Despite the love that they share will they be able to raise a happy, healthy child? Can Rose adjust to living in a town instead of the great outdoors?
Members: Jason Greenman, Rose Greenman, Daisy Greenman

The Headmistress

Description: After his wife left to become a Dread Pirate, it took Gabe a long time to trust again. Is his relationship with Patricia meant to last? Will Patricia and Jules be able to work out their problems and realize how similar they really are?
Members: Gabe O'Mackey, Jules O'Mackey

Princess Peach

Description: Alexandra succumbed to the call of the sea and left her family to pursue her dream. Will living the Dread Pirate life be enough to keep her afloat?
Members: Alexandra O'Mackey


  • Because there are no plantsim equivalents in The Sims 3, Rose and Daisy are only green Sims in the current version of Riverblossoms Hills.

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