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Members Morgana Goth, Nana Goth
Family Connections Switt, Mooney, Caireen

Player stories

The Goth Family is a popular EA-created family that has appeared in all base Sims games.  Morgana Goth is rumored to be the model for the Blackfyre Victorian Doll (a stage prop added with the Sims 3 Showtime).  The description for the doll mentions that Morgana's "ethereal beauty drove men to the brink of insanity."  Morgana is only officially mentioned in the catalog description for the doll and has been created by Quailhogs for his world, Wraith. Her relationship to Mortimer and Bella Goth is unknown.  The Goth household is one of seven families in Wraith that represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Morgana having been stated to be the "Demon of Lust."

The Goth family lives in Venustraphobia at 28 Death Row and only has §10,000 in family funds.


Morgana was a singer who traveled the country to entertain at clubs and lounges.  While she originally wanted to be known for her talent, she realized that most of her fans were men whom were taken by her beauty.  At first irritated, Morgana eventually changed her persona to a flirtatious bombshell.  Morgana never performed at the same place twice, so took the opportunity to start drama between local men.   Morgana became quite skilled at convincing others that she was being physically abused.  She typically would pin the blame on whichever patron she found most annoying and watch as an entire saloon of men pummeled the soul out of him.  Morgana’s fun came to an end when she visited Wraith, where one man was so infatuated with her complexion that he attempted to literally eat her.  Though Morgana survived the attack, she was left with a mutilated ankle and a dead career.


First two descriptions taken from the Sims Wikia

Morgana- A "circling sea or great brightness; bright or white sea dweller".

Goth- Relates either to medieval times or means "an uncivilized person" or "a person without culture". The Goth name in general has some resemblance, as well. The family seems to be the oldest (making it "medieval") Also it can be a word for someone who likes to dress in black or likes the shadows. 

Nana- Kushan goddess of war, in some instances depicted as a lion.

Venustraphobia- A fear of beautiful women, derived from "Venus," the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.