Create A World Wiki

Q: Can I add a page about my world to Pasimfic Wiki?

A: All creators are welcome to add pages for their finished worlds or current projects to Pasimfic Wiki. It's very easy to add a world using our templates on the edit page, for information on those see the Adding a World tiptorial.
Admin members will be happy to add your world, lots, or sims to any necessary browsing templates.

Q: Why would I add a page about my world to Pasimfic Wiki?

A: The wiki format can be very useful for organising information about a world, and creators can choose the level of detail they would like to provide, ranging from a simple page introducing the world and linking to its offsite download, to detailing the world lot-by-lot and sim-by-sim.
As Pasimfic Wiki's database of worlds expands, perhaps your world will gain more exposure.

Q: Can I add a page from a world I really like, but didn't make myself?

A: If adding someone else's world to the wiki we strongly recommend you get the creator's permission first, although if permitted you are welcome to create a page for any existing world or project.