Create A World Wiki

The Basics[]

Edit in game is used for building on lots, and later for populating the world. When edit in game finishes loading, you will be in "live mode", but you will have no sim, so the game will remain paused and you will not be able to click on anything. However, you can go to edit town, as normal. Edit town allows you do edit lot type, description, and what is in the lot. You can also use Edit Town to add lots of fixed sizes, or add world objects like streetlights. However, Edit Town gives less control over where things are placed and takes a lot longer to save than CAW, so whenever possible do your work in CAW, not Edit in Game. If you've made houses in sims, you can make houses in build/buy mode in edit town, but you might want to look at the "hidden objects" section of this article to learn how to add things like spawners and pre-made plants. Some community lots, like gyms, also don't require any community objects. If you don't know what that means, read the next section. In either case, keep in mind what feel your town is supposed to have, and feel free to use google at any time to get reference images of different architectural styles.

If You've Never Made a Community Lot Before[]

In build mode on a Community lot, there will be a building icon to the right of the basement tool. Click on it. This tool has many objects useful for building a functional town, like rabbitholes, seasons booths, and the wall stereos present in Dance Clubs and the Spring Festival. Be mindful of custom content if you plan to share the world, if only to make sure people know what they will need for this town. Many non-rabbithole community objects, like stereos and VIP barrier ropes, need to be tweaked in live mode, once you make a sim using "makesim", but before populating the world. Once you have a sim, if "testingcheatsenabled true" is typed into the cheat menu, you will be able to click on the object and alter things like the music played from the stereo or the stars needed for VIP entry.

Hidden Objects[]

Some lots start off with crop plants, or have spawners, or hidden rooms. In order to add these to your town, you will need to type in "buydebug on". Once you do that, go into buy mode and select "sort by function". Click the question mark above the panel. The different panels contain spawners, pre-planted crops, tomb objects, and more.