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Dario Cipollini
Dario Cipollini showed up in Porto Corrado one day and nobody really knows what he's doing in this small town. It's not that the people don't like him, but his behaviour can be a little eccentric sometimes.

That Dario is still grieving over the loss of his forbidden love, Carmine, is something he's not intending to tell anyone. Nor that he spent years trying to relieve his pain with ambrosia, which eventually drove him to madness. Now he spends most of his time in his art studio, trying to capture the beauty and perfection of the love he once knew.

Name Dario Cipollini
Lives With None
Family Cipollini
Occult None
Traits Artistic, Perfectionist, Photographer's Eye, Insane, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish Visionary
Favourites Classical, Ratatouille, Turquoise
Neighbourhood Porto Corrado

Player stories

Dario Cipollini is a premade Sim in the ModtheSims collaborative world Porto Corrado.