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  • Go to Sunshine and soothing massage in a Polynesian paradise.
  • Lucky PalmsGo to A sandy, sunny retreat from EA.
  • Crystalline CoveGo to the sparkling bright waters and rising pines of Crystalline Cove.
  • Lunar LakesGo to EA's best store world to date, super outlandish and fun.
  • BridgeportGo to a stunning EA classic marred by terrible technical issues.
  • JerichoGo to a brooding town with a great paint job - Jericho!
  • Appaloosa PlainsGo to A standout effort by EA for The Sims 3 Pets!
  • Hidden SpringsGo to Not your money's worth at TS3 Store.
  • Los AniegosGo to A technical feat, if your computer can take it.
  • Winter WonderlandGo to Seasonal charm all year round!

Contributors are encouraged to write positive reviews of finished worlds. Constructive criticism is welcome in these reviews. Attacks are not. Reviewers are encouraged to contact world creators and interview them on their design process for specific worlds, or even generally - reviewers might want to review a collection of worlds by prolific creators such as Rflong7 from The Sims 3 website forums.

Reviews should be created as blog posts, have titles of simply: "Review:World Name by author". All reviews should be added to the "Reviews" category so that they show up properly.

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