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Caireen (Wraith)
Members Donella Caireen
Family Connections Martinov, Goth, Superbia, Mooney, Switt, Huntington,

Player stories

The Caireen Family is a reoccurring family in Quailhogs' worlds.  Donella Caireen was originally introduced in Huntsborough as an NPC and was later redesigned for Wraith . Donella Caireen lives in Jacobs Fountain at Coronado East with §35,904 in family funds.


“Donella Caireen,” as the people of Wraith call her, is a creature shrouded in mystery.  She appears before troubled people at their darkest hour, pushing them to breaking point, seducing them into committing heinous irredeemable acts against others.  It is unknown as to what exactly she is, but one thing is for sure… if she ever had any humanity, it is long gone now.


Donella- A name in Celtic, which describes a dark-haired elfin girl.

Caireen- Means "Dear one" in Celtic Irish.