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Blightwood (Wraith)
Members Dorian Blightwood, Locust Blightwood
Family Connections Quailhogs

Player stories

The Blightwood Family is a reoccurring family in Quailhogs' worlds.  Dorian Blightwood was originally introduced in Grey Meadow as a negligent father, and redesigned for Wraith representing Famine amongst the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Blightwoods live in the Black Hangar at 20 Ramsey Air Force Base and only have §5,750 in family funds.


Former employees of Daniel Quailhogs, Dorian and Shaw Blightwood were weary of answering to a man who hid behind minions and drank tea all day.  The two broke off and started their own crime syndicate in Grey Meadow, yet as time progressed, Dorian became less of an equal to his charismatic brother and more of just another dumb muscle.  Dorian went into hiding, a lose end, neglecting petty things such as sleep, food, and his children.  Shaw’s criminal warehouse used to belong to Quailhogs Auto.  Jakob Quailhogs II, the psychopath that formerly owned the facility, installed a generator that was also a bomb.  Dorian blew up the facility, and the last thing he saw before being dragged off by thugs to be locked in a shipping crate was his brother’s beautiful face, scorched and disfigured with an expression of rage.


Dorian- A name used in the 1891 Oscar Wilde novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

Locust- A large grasshopper, when in its swarming phase often does damage to agriculture.

Blight- A disease which affects plants.

The Blightwood family is of English ancestry.