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Bellina de Luca
Bellina has the looks of an angel , but her personality is short of angelic. She is snooty and wild, making her quite the handful with her parents. She won’t accept anything short of perfect. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants.
Name Bellina de Luca
Lives With Camilla de Luca, Lucio de Luca, Leo de Luca
Family de Luca
Occult None
Age Teen
Traits Absent-Minded, Party Animal, Perfectionist, Snob
Lifetime Wish Unset
Favourites Pop, Spaghetti, Spice Brown
Neighbourhood Porto Corrado

Player stories

Bellina de Luca is a premade Sim who lives in Porto Corrado. She lives with her parents Camilla and Leo, alongside her brother Lucio.